Tampa Dentists Offering Laser Dentistry

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In this article we will review some of the more prominent Tampa Dentist offices that offer laser dentistry services. Of course it is your responsibility to consult with a qualified dentist or other health professional to see what types of services may be a good fit for your needs, but here we can at least give you a good head start.

We have talked about the benefits of Tampa Bay Laser Dentistry and also about how difficult it can be to find a Tampa Laser Dentist. For many people, especially those with extremely sensitive teeth or who suffer from dental anxiety, this type of dental service can be life-changing. We feel it is important for people to have access to this type of dentistry, close to home, and hopefully at an affordable price.

Dental Laser Center of Brandon, FL

The Dental Laser center was actually the first laser dentistry center in Hillsborough County, and so makes claims to having the most experienced laser dentists in Tampa Bay, Florida. The practice was started by Dr. Bruce Waterman, DMD and Dr. Andrea Gordillo-Osterberg, DMD.

Dr. Waterman is a Tampa Bay dentist who graduated from the University of Florida’s College of Dentistry. His career focus has been on family dentistry, with an emphasis on cosmetic dental treatments in a family dentist environment. He is a regular speaker in several professional dental groups and is currently President of the Hillsborough County Dental Association.

Dr. Gordillo-Osterberg, also a University of Florida College of Dentistry graduate, completed an Advanced Education Graduate Residency program. She has received advanced training in laser dentistry and has been practicing as a Tampa Bay dentist for over six years.

The Dental Laser Center tries to cultivate a family dentist office environment while maintaining a focus on the newest and most effective dental treatments. They were awarded the Brandon Chamber of Commerce’s 2000 Small Business of the Year Award.

Dr. Albert B. Boholst of the Tampa Smile Center

Dr. Bolhost is a Tampa Dentist who has received a great deal of advanced training as a laser dentist and has received special certifications from the Academy of Laser Dentistry and the Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry. Due to his extensive training and certifications, he has been asked several times to give lectures to other dentists about laser dentistry techniques.

Dr. Boholst is highly respected in the field. He is currently working with the “Close the Gap” foundation on infant mortality, and is serving the their periodontal expert. He uses dental lasers primarily to detect cavities before they are large enough to cause pain, and to treat cavities without the need for drilling and the risks associated with that type of treatment.

Coastal Jaw Surgery

Coastal Jaw Surgery is a specialist center offering facial and oral reconstructive surgeries as well as dental implants. They have integrated the use of laser dentistry into their surgical practice in order to improve surgical precision and outcome. They have been operating in Tampa Bay for many years and report significantly reduced risk of infection, reduced pain, and reduced swelling when employing new laser dentistry techniques.

The surgeons at Coastal Jaw Surgery are highly respected and influential in the field. Each the four surgeons at this practice are active in professional associations and regularly teach academic classes to training oral surgeons. They are Dr. Michael A Pikos, Dr. G. Thomas Peak, Dr. James J. Gift, and Dr. Jose Lazaro. However, none of these surgeons reports a specialty in or advanced training in the use of laser dentistry for surgical applications.

Coastal Jaw Surgery has offices in Spring Hill, New Port Richey, and Palm Harbor.

Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening is one of the basic laser dental procedures that many people look for. Whitening is the cornerstone of the modern cosmetic dentistry market, with huge amounts of investments in equipment, products, and research. For this reason, laser teeth whitening cost can be a little bit out of range for the average person, but there are plenty of cheaper alternatives available that are nearly as effective. If you ask your dentist about the types of at home teeth whitening systems they have available, they will be able to help you determine whether any of them will offer the effect you are looking for at a price you can afford.

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